Montana- With Tradition in furniture Production from Romania, „Tara Motilor”

For Montana, 2009 has represented the year of our official launch on the European wood furniture trade market. Our beginning, although successful, has meant hard work, with ups and down, as it is the case of any starting business.

With a strong, dedicated team of professionals, with over 30 years of experience in the production of furniture in Campeni, we have managed to position ourselves on the external market as a trustworthy supplier. Thus, the production of pine and MDF furniture has flourished starting with 2010.

The furniture market is a dynamic one, in constant change, dependent on interior design tendencies and in close relation to the market trendsetters. Our partners’ trust, our team’s dedication and flexibility, the capacity to adapt the production process has allowed us to build a name on the market of Romanian furniture producers.

Our range of products has also suffered alterations in time, due to trend developments and the requirements and necessities of our customers. In 2009, we have started with pine furniture in Nature finish suitable for classic style homes and for wooden chalets.

In 2010, we have redefined our products, choosing living & dining room furniture, Landhaus style.

Starting from 2014, Montana has developed a secundary line of upholstery production, which is still working. It produces such items as sofas and upholstered chairs in a large variety of materials and colours and upholstered beds.

Furthermore, we have constantly searched how to diversify our product range including through a DYI (Do It Yourself) line of products: 3D oak panels for walls or decoration purposes – Nature Walls & Mirrors.

Little by little, we are active on the internal market through partnerships, both furniture stores and also architects and interior designers; our products are attractive for the Romanian clients. Being present at the biggest furniture fair in Romania, BIFE-SIM, starting from 2015, has allowed us to futher understand the needs and requirements of the national market and to update our product range accordingly.
Here, at Montana, we concentrate on innovation, creativity and on our clients and partners’ satisfaction. We truly believe that, in order to consolidate our position on the furniture market, it is important to create a sustainable liaison with our partners and with our clients and to integrate the new concepts, materials and technologies in the making of our products. To succeed in accomplishing what we have previously stated, we have invested in participating at the most important European and American furniture fairs in the last 5 years. Thus, we have had the opportunity to build new business relations and, more importantly, we could see, up-close, the market’s reaction to our new collections.