Meet ORGANICA – our brand-new furniture collection!

The definition of the notion organic refers to a wholesome structure in which the component parts fit perfectly and in complete symbiosis with each other yet differentiated by the unique features of each component. Our furniture collection follows the same principle: to create an organic structure made from a variety of fundamentally different materials.

Different from the straight lines and perfect angles that modern furniture is usually all about, the collection’s sinusoidal patterns perfectly carved in oak are the main point of attraction. Besides the overall look, the collection is a successful mix of different materials combined, organically, in perfect harmony. The furniture fronts are made from solid oak, the overall structure made from oak veneer and the countertops with a sideway extension made from fireproof MDF and concrete.

We have also combined different furniture styles, ranging from classic wood furniture to straight modern lines with a twist of futuristic design patterns created by the famous architect designer, dr. Ioana Dan, by incorporating concrete elements in the corners.

This combination of different styles, materials, and modern manufacturing techniques has led to this statement collection – ORGANICA – which represents a reflection of our 40+ years of experience in the field of high-quality furniture manufacturing.

As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we truly hope that you will appreciate our collection as much as we do!

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